Admission Process

We love to see our community growing! If you are interested in becoming one of our students please email us at

The first step is setting up an appointment with the Principal to make sure we are the best fit for your needs, to schedule that please send an email to

The email should include informations about the student/students, such as their first and last name, age, previous education and if they wish to obtain a scholarship from the Living the Future Foundation.
For any questions about the admission process call us at +39 327 886 5569.


The colours that represent the school are blue and red. Our uniform consist now in a blue dress jacket that all our student have to wear, a white dress shirt underneath, and dark jeans. More informations about where to purchase the jacket can be asked directly at the school.

Bus Service

The school does not provide Bus Service, however we rely on a private company that takes care of this for us in the best way. If you wish to know more about this service and the costs, you can directly ask at the school or send us an email at

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Living the Future Foundation is an association that has the goal to keep International Education at a price available for the families who move around the world. The goal is to provide an education that the kids can use anywhere in the world including their home country. Our student are fully international and study English as the first language, following the Cambridge Curriculum.

If you wish to obtain a Scholarship from the foundation mention that in your admission email and your informations will be forwarded to them, who will do their best to help your case.