Our vision is to always have the possibility to grow and improve yourself. Taking on new challenges and setting up new goals is what keeps us motivated and strong.
As educators we are always growing and changing, we have to evolve, be ready and most importantly make sure our students are fully ready to face tomorrow’s new challenges.
Today’s world is changing fast and we can’t predict the future, we can although work hard and rely on our knowledge to make a change.
It is not easy to transform all of this into a business, and the challenges are many. We invite you to take a closer look at “OPENNG SOON” section to find more details about our next project.
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The value of outdoor learning, children’s enjoyment, wellbeing, behaviour, knowledge and understanding of the world and nature and their physical development improve as a result of using the outdoors. However, the most international schools outdoor education is not used enough to develop children’s reading , writing, English language, and creativity, or their ability to use information and communication technology (ICT).
Teachers tend to assess children’s learning less often and less well outdoors than indoors. They do not track the progress children make in developing their skills outdoors well enough. With children spending more time outdoors, this means that important milestones in their development may be missed. Also Senior leaders and managers have not always received enough training on the Foundation Phase to identify good practice, challenge less effective practice, or make cost-effective decisions on improving outdoor provision and facilities. Our new school is providing all these elements for our children.

International School Project
“Touch Nature with Technology”


We provide more regular opportunities for children to develop and practise their reading and writing skills outdoors.
We plan, organise and assess learning and wellbeing as well in the outdoors as they do indoors. We develop more effective outdoor learning
improvement plans and set clear, measurable targets for improving outcomes for children.
We develop more effective technology learning improvement for future and set clear, measurable targets for improving outcomes for children.
We ensure that all staff are well trained and confident in using the outdoors to support children’s learning and
We consider the impact on outcomes for children when making financial decisions to develop outdoor provision and facilities.We provide technology
training for leaders and managers to help them to identify good standards and quality in the provision of outdoor learning; and We work
with international schools and settings to improve the quantitative and qualitative data available to evaluate the effectiveness of outdoor learning.
The Management should:
Provide guidance on evaluating the cost effectiveness of outdoor provision and facilities.

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